We are thrilled to welcome Reiki Master Chantelle Louise Weiler from Ignite Your Light who will be offering her services in the Crystal Salt Spa.  Chantelle offers clients a "Personalized session to remove blocks and old patterns that no longer serve you. She says, "I am here to help you be authentic you! I can show you ways to find your inner spark and help you ignite the real you so you can radiate you!"

Ignite Your Light


Reiki is:
Healing with the Laying on of Hands
Channeling Spiritual Energy
For the betterment of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Whether for healing physical ailments, emotional issues, relationships, spiritual matters, broken hearts, pets, babies, plants, Reiki is a powerful healing technique.

Energy Awaken:

Energy Awaken is a new energetic modality. Where something like Reiki is soft, feminine, gentle and healing; Energy Awaken is more active, masculine, tingly and transformative. It works by activating or igniting your Earth connection mechanism. Our bodies emanate energetic fields that can be engaged, connected and ignited for a deeper, wider Earth connection. This allows more capacity of ki, chi or prana, all of which are names for the creative life force energy that flows through us.

This work is not for the faint of heart. More life force energy can dramatically put one on a more authentic path having us face and embrace every aspect of our lives. Energy Awaken is for those who are ready for transformation, change and going within to new levels. Energy Awaken sessions are done with virtually no touching, totally engaging your emanating fields, not your body. These graceful hand movements facilitate greater connection that most people can feel, even with eyes closed.

Crystal Healing: If you’re looking to heal some aspect of your mind, body or spirit, there are essentially 3 primary ways healing crystals can transform your energy and resolve imbalance:

Clearing – Crystals have the ability to absorb and remove certain types of energy from your body. Like a magnet can pick up little pieces of metal shavings, a healing crystal can absorb negative energy from your body.

Energizing – Healing crystals and stones can also push energy into your body, mind or spirit through inducing resonant frequencies. This is similar to the way electricity works by conducting and transferring energy into an object. A crystal can harness energy from the quantum field and send it into your own energy field. Don’t worry, unlike electricity, this crystal healing energy is painless and not dangerous.

Balancing – Our world is very symmetrical. Look at the leaves on trees or even your body. The energy of our planet aligns things in a mirrored pattern. Sometimes, your energy may be misaligned and out of balance, and healing crystals can use the properties mentioned above, which are essentially attracting and repelling, to balance out areas of energetic disharmony.

60-75 minutes (includes salt therapy) of either Reiki OR Energy Awaken/with Crystal Healing $120

Contact the shoppe or Chantelle directly at 
 519-410-5999 or by email at ignite.your.light@icloud.com