Tip Top Health Shoppe & Crystal Salt Spa
West Brant Plaza
164 Colborne Street West Unit 4A 
Brantford, ON 
N3T 1L2 

Welcome to Tip Top Health Shoppe & Crystal Salt Spa!  We offer:  Halotherapy (salt therapy), salt lamps,vitamins, herbal supplements, medicinal herbs, health foods, sports nutrition, food grade fossil shell flour diatomaceous earth, marine phytoplankton, chaga, kombucha, NOW & DoTerra essential oils, essential oil and spiritual wellness seminars, alkaline water, Certified Nutritionist & Herbalist Consulting, Fitness & Diet Programs, New & Full Moon Meditations, Iridology, Reiki, Aura Cleansing, Animal Reiki, Acupressure Massage, Sound Healing & Meditations, Guided Meditation with Guitar, crystals, orgonite, friendly customer service and expert advice.


with Robert Johnston.  A drop of your blood can tell you many things about the state of your health!

with our resident Reiki Master Alysha Williams.  This filled up so fast for our August 21st Eclipse Celebration that we were turning people away!  Phone 519-759-3304 to book 
as space is limited. 

 with Dawn Burgar from Ancient Wisdom Method.  Whether you are looking for some  direction in your life, or to clarify certain aspects or tolet go of things that may be stopping you from  moving forward,  Dawn will help shed light on it for you. Phone 519-759-3304 to book as space is limited. 

with Doug from O'Nikon:Ra. Phone 519-759-3304 to book as space is limited.  

Tuesday, October 24th DoTerra Introduction to Essential Oils Seminar & 
Salt Therapy in the Crystal Salt Spa
with Beth Van Sickle. Phone 519-759-3304 to book as space is limited.  

with Dan & Kristin. Phone 519-759-3304 to book as space is limited. 

New Products!

Essential oils continue to be very popular and NOW has come out with some new ones recently!  
Now in stock, Bergamot, Cypress, Helichrysum, Marjoram, Good Morning Sunshine Blend, Smiles 
For Miles Blend!  We also have just received a huge herb order and have most in stock for just 
$3.99 per ounce.  See all our herbs listed here.   We also have lots of salt lamps in stock, $19.99 
& up for lamps, $9.99 for candle holders.

I am now carrying Cathy's Kombuchaabsolutely delicious, for $11.98 a bottle.  
You can still buy a scoby from us for $9.99 and make your own,  but nothing has ever tasted quite this yummy that I have made myself!  We currently have 4 varieties of the six, and 2 you can sample, Lemon Ginger or Ginger Peach, 
so come and try it!

We  also have chakra & essential oil jewelry in the shoppe, and have lava beads & Lord Shiva's 
Tears (Rudraksha) beads for those wanting to make their own aromatherapy jewelry. Also lots of crystals, including Obsidian Turtles from the Mayan Riviera!




New Services:

Tuesday October 14th & 28th & Tuesday October 17th and 31st Reiki & Acupressure Massage in the Crystal Salt Spa  

with Alysha Williams from Holistic Health and Fitness.  Also any Monday, Thursday or Friday from 8:00am to 9:30am is possible. She also just got certification for Animal Reiki!  See more information on these services and also her fitness and diet consulting too on her page on Tip Top Health Shoppe.com

Returning Services:

We will again be offering IridologyDoTerra Essential Oil Seminars and Live & Dry blood 
readings starting in October.  September is a busy month with kids going back to school and getting back into a routine.  

Price Guarantee, Seniors & Students Tuesdays & Points Program:

As always I guarantee to give you equal or better prices than the other 3 big corporate chain
health food town offer, even if I don't have their buying power. And if you find a lower regular 
(not on sale) price at one of the other three health food chains, take a picture on your phone or 
bring in your bottle we will lower our price to match immediately. Plus you save 10% for every hundred dollars you spend with our free points program, and seniors and students save 10% every Tuesday. So come and check us out, and God bless you all for supporting  this small independent shoppe! 

Brightest Blessings,