Tibetan Singing Bowls Therapy & Meditations:  

"Sound will be the medicine of the future." - Edgar Cayce 

We look forward to resuming this in the fall.


Healing Vibration Meditation & Healing Sessions with Dan & Kristin

Rediscover Sound through Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit 

Join Dan and Kristin in our beautiful Crystal Salt Cave and experience their unique form of sound vibration in this monthly sound healing vibrations.  Enjoy a complimentary salt session, a $25 value, at no extra charge! 
Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Rhythm and frequency can move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance, relaxed consciousness, meditative states and dream states. $35 for a one hour sound meditation.  We are taking a break for the summer but will resume in the fall.

Sound has the ability to positively influence our whole being and has the power to move through areas of blockage. Rediscover Sound with Dan and Kristin as they provide a sound scape with both old world and new world instruments such as; the flute, rattle, drum, shruti box and more. Experience the wonderful effects of sound in either a group or private setting and realign with one's self in harmony and joy. 

You may also book a 2 on 1 (2 practitioners) sound healing by appointment some weeknight evenings &  most Saturdays, cost $80 (including salt therapy) or a private meditation/healing for 2 to 5 people for $35 each (including salt therapy).