We are selling a lot of this oil and hearing great feedback!  Just $29.89, get all the benefits of CBD 
without the unwanted side effects or having to obtain a prescription.  But note it activates the CBD 
receptor in the brain so also works very well synergistically with prescribed CBD or medical marijuana so is 
helpful for those who have developed a tolerance to it.  Helps with pain, inflammation, migraines and 
headaches, neuralogical conditions such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers, stress and anxiety, autism, MORE! 
Check out Cannanda's website for published studies that back up their claims.  

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 1 kg $19.99 or buy 4 and get 1 free! (5 for $79.95)

                         FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH aka  FOSSIL SHELL FLOUR                                    

*removes heavy metals 

*kills viruses, yeast, parasites, fungus

and bacteria including E. Coli and other endotoxins

*removes drug and pesticide residues 


*cleans your colon 

 *detoxifies your body 

*improves sleep and calms nerves 

*eliminates joint pain 

 *improves condition of skin, hair, nails 

*strengthens bones 

*regulates blood sugar & cholesterol 

*regulates blood pressure 

*prevents cavities and preserves teeth 

*stimulates metabolism 

     *increases energy 

 *reduces inflammation in digestive tract, lungs and joints

*fades age spots 

*balances hormones


Adults: 1 heaping tsp in water or juice for 7 days,

then work up to 1 heaping tbsps up to 3 X daily

Children: ½ - 1 level tsp daily

Kittens:  ½ level tsp Cats: ½-1 level tsp daily

Dogs:  under 50 lbs 1 tbsp

Dogs: over 50 pounds 2 tbsps

Best on an empty stomach, 1 hour apart from food,

supplements or medications. For animals mix in food.