We are happy to welcome Patrick Parent to our team, providing Thai Massage in the Crystal Salt Spa! You can book him any time for a 60 or 90 minute massage with receipts for insurance. Enjoy complementary salt therapy during your session.

WHAT is THAI MASSAGE? Practiced in Thailand for centuries, this old world massage combines four main healing modalities: Acupressure, Yoga, Breathing and Deep Tissue Massage. Carried out on a comfortable mat on the floor or massage table, the practitioner moves seamlessly from one posture to another while applying rhythmic pressure with palms, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet. Each massage is tailored for the individual session. This mindful and carefully tailored massage allows the client to experience true relaxation.

• Decrease Stress and Increase Relaxation
• Treat Specific Physical Ailments / Post Injury Recovery
• Increase in flexibility and Blood Flow
• Treatment for Sleeplessness in adults and children
• Gain more range of motion

Patrick Parent is a certified and registered Master Thai Massage Therapist with Thai Massage Toronto and with the Health Practitioners Group of Canada. He is married with children and is actively involved in his community. Thai Massage has been a passion since 2006 when he started his journey with Thai Massage Toronto. He also works out of the Riverview Vitality Centre in Brantford and Thai Massage Port Credit.

• Wear comfortable loose clothing
• Drink water after the treatment
• Epsom Salt baths are helpful
• Gentle music, candles and essential oils set the stage for a quiet massage
• Arrive early for pre-consultation

By appointment only.  Please contact Patrick at  thaimassagebrantford@gmail.com

REGULAR RATES: Thai Massage in the Crystal Salt Cave with salt therapy:
60 min $100.00
90 min $125.00