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Instead of raising prices for  our customers to help offset the huge increase in minimum wage,and  to try to avoid cutting hours, this small business is LOWERING our salt (halothereapy) session    price to $25 including tax! It is standard in the industry to charge $45 (plus HST), and while we  have been offering deals through Groupon, they take half. So our regular price is now $25    including the tax for a full length 45 minute session in our Crystal Salt Spa! Kids 3 and under are FREE with a paying adult and we'll be happy to set up the tent for them on Toddler Tuesday mornings! You can book anytime for toddlers, by phoning or online.  Just let us know you want     the tent set up ahead of time. 

Seniors/kids 4-17/students (with student card) and groups of 8 save 10% off that price!

Wheel-chair accessible for up to two wheelchairs at a time and the caregivers with them are FREE!

We are open Monday to Wednesday and Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm and Thursday and Fridays until 7:00pm for your convenience. Not just for lung & sinus health, colds and flus, there are many other benefits as well!  

See our ad on Kijiji for more information 

book online on our salt therapy page or call or email 

Upcoming Events:

Crystal Salt Cave with Dan & Kristin. Phone 519-759-3304 to book as space is limited. 
2 sessions in February by popular demand!

 with Robert Johnston from Nature's Effect.  For my clients it's nearly 
50% off his  regular fees, plus includes salt therapy!

Lie comfortably on a anti-gravity chair in our salt cave while Alysha, our resident 
Reiki Master, smooths, sweeps and repairs your Aura as you breathe the cleansing salt air, healing lungs & sinuses and detoxing through the skin. A great time to meditate on what you need to 
release and let go of and also what direction you wish your life to go in next. What do you wish to manifest?  Call to book for either session.

Saturday, February 17th Iridology Readings in the Crystal Salt Spa with Salt Therapy

Join Jenn Byer and find out what your eyes are saying about the state of
your health!  

Next month!  Smoothie bar with delicious hot Chai smoothies and delicious berry detox 
smoothies! I've lost 15 pounds since January 8th following this plan! More yummy, 
healthy bevvies too!

New Products!

Tibetan Singing Bowls now available at the shoppe!  These are GENUINE Tibetan Singing Bowls hand-picked and tested for purity of tone. Also some gorgeous Tibetan Crystal bracelets   
and necklaces. Our supplier regularly travels to Tibet and Nepal to choose his goods and the quality is great. Most of the bowls range from $30 to $75 though there are also some lovely larger bowls available as well. All come with a mallet (stryker), have been smudged and are  
ready to go to their new homes!  

Mystic Lipstick now in stock, the one with the elder flower that changes to your perfect hue 
based on your PH! Just $19.99! TSC was selling them for $23.95 plus $6.99 S&H plus HST 
but they can’t keep them in stock, completely sold out of singles, duos and trios! We have a 
limited supply of all three shades, just in time for Valentines Day! Glides on beautifully without 
the waxy feeling of some lip balms and gives you the perfect custom colour for you!

Watch for more information on TV and upcoming issue of Alive Magazine

We also have lots of salt lamps in stock, 
$19.99 & up for lamps, $9.99 for candle holders.

As always I guarantee to give you equal or better prices than the other 3 big corporate 
chain health food town offer, even if I don't have their buying power. And if you find a 
lower regular (not on sale) price at one of the other three health food chains, take a picture 
on your phone or bring in your bottle we  will lower our price to match immediately. Plus 
you save 10% for every hundred dollars you spend with our free points program, and 
seniors and students save 10% every Tuesday. So come and check us out, and God bless 
you all for supporting  this small independent shoppe! 

Brightest Blessings,